Industry Experience

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Semiconductor
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Chemicals
  • Fibers
  • Plastics
  • Power

Systems Experience

  • Rockwell RSView SE, RSView, Control Logix and SLC
  • Emerson DeltaV
  • Moore Products/Seimens APACS
  • Rexnord/EMC/TI/Tate/Hathaway D3
  • Taylor MOD300
  • Fisher/Emerson Provox
  • Foxboro I/A
  • Bailey Net90 and Infi90
  • Honewell TDC3000, Plantscape
  • Wonderware

Project Experience

Biotech – Puerto Rico

Automation services for a scale-up bio-processing facility consisting of multiple seed trains, multiple production bioreactors, media and buffer prep, a purification suite and supporting clean utilities. Control system was developed using the Rockwell software platform (RSLogix, RSViewSE, RSBatch) with ControlLogix processors.  Project consisted of four process control system installations: a software development system (10 servers and 25 client workstations), a validation testing system (6 servers and 12 Client workstations), the production system on site (14 servers and 30 plus client workstations) and an on site software development system (9 servers and 5 Client workstations).Responsibilities included complete Systems Administration as well as troubleshooting and debugging of system problems to aid Rockwell Automation in resolving application software issues; developing and implementing System Build Procedures for the system servers and workstations; developing and implementing network performance test procedures; documenting system structure and maintaining validated state of installation and site support of the installed production software development systems.  Also participated in ControlLogix processor programming and RSBatch configuration.

Phased software delivery was successfully performed on schedule and supported accelerated construction turnover dates.

Pharmaceutical – Large Scale Purification Process, Pennsylvania

Design services for a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.  Facilities included buffer preparation/supply, sterile filtration, Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), chromatography and clean/general utilities.  Project included development of detail design specification (DDS), operator interface/graphics/dynamos, module test specifications and associated documentation for common control modules.  Executed common control module testing and developed factory acceptance test specifications.  Automation system development included common and process phase logic for MF and UF including configuration implementation and test plan development and execution.  Project implemented a 5000 I/O, version 6.3.2 Fisher-Rosemount DeltaV control system with compliments of Profibus, AS-I bus and traditional I/O.

Chemicals – Implementation of Reporting Application with Data stored in OSI PI, Charleston, SC

Design, implementation and installation of a reporting application.  Reports with data from OSI PI were automatically saved as web pages that can be accessed corporate wide via their intranet, printed and saved in an excel file format.  The reports also had the capability to be generated manually on-demand.  Training was provided to the client to allow him to be able to generate additional reports.

Rubber Chemicals and Organics – Provox Console Replacement with APACS Process Suite, Charleston, SC

Design and implementation of replacement of Provox Consoles with APACS ProcessSuite.  Project included integration of the Provox controllers and APACS ProcessSuite using an OPC driver, Database and Graphics development and testing.

Groundwater Remediation and Wastewater Treatment – West Union, SC

Design and automation of a Groundwater Remediation and Wastewater Treatment system.  The Remediation process consisted of 11 remote well monitoring stations spread over an 80 acre site, pump and transfer station and a VOC stripper.  Each remote station included a MicroLogix 1200 PLC and a Utilinet radio.  The Transfer station and VOC stripper were each controller by SLC 504 PLC’s.  An SLC 504 PLC also controlled the Wastewater treatment plant.  A Redundant pair of operator stations each running RSLinx, RSView32, XLRReporter, ScadAlarm were connected to each of the SLC’s via a redundant fiber optic network.  RSLinx was used to communicate with the PLC’s, RSView was used for the Human Machine Interface (HMI), XLReporter was used for automatic generation of reports and ScadAlarm for the remote notification of Alarms. RSView32 graphics were made available in real time via the internet and intranet using Rockwell Software’s Active Display Server software.

Chemicals – Bulk Tank Level Gauging Project – Greer, SC

Design of a tank farm level gauging system consisting of 21 bulk chemical storage tanks using Profibus DP and PA to interface level instrumentation with an Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC processor.  Processor interface used a SST Profibus DP gateway slot mounted in the SLC rack.  Level information displayed on a remote operator’s PC running Windows NT Workstation and Rockwell Software’s RSView32 with an RSLinx I/O driver.  RSView32 graphics made available in real time to the client’s intranet via Rockwell Software’s WebServer package and Microsoft’s Personal Web Server application.  Graphics with real time snap shot data was served to an unlimited number of remote users via the intranet.

Chemicals – HMI Upgrade, Rock Hill, SC  

Design and implemention of custom graphic objects/templates for Moore Process Suite Vision HMI system.   The objects/templates included global and window specific buttons, object scripts, window scripts, historical trends and alarm groups.  Integrated the four (4) client, dual server, redundant Ethernet architecture.  Executed conversion of the MYCROAVANTAGE HMI to Moore Process Suite Vision application.

Chemicals – Chemicals Weapons Decommisioning, Dugway Proving Grounds, UT

Provided Digital Control and Instrumentation System (DCIS) expertise for the Hathaway TIS4000 system to the Munitions Management Device (MMD) project team.  The MMD-1 process consisted of batch chemical neutralization sequences for decommissioning stockpiled chemical warfare material. Project included DCIS database configuration, SNL programming, graphics configuration and site support both local and remote (via modem).  Also developed DCIS baseline documentation for the site engineer and DCIS operator’s manual for the site operators.

Plastic – Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Project included Evaluation of Cimview, Cimplicity and Wonderware software for use as the Human Machine Interface (HMI) to the Finishing Process.  Development of generic HMI Software Standards Specification and later tailored to meet GE’s requirements for the Wonderware Intouch software that was selected.  Design and implemention of  5 custom Wonderware Intouch applications communicating with each other over an Ethernet network and also communicating with 6 Modicon Quantum PLC’s and an Allen Bradley PLC.  The Wonderware applications consisted of a total of 38 graphics and 3,500 tags for approximately 1,200 I/O points.

Cigarette Manufacturing – Cabarrus, NC

Project Included Fisher-Rosemount Provox Configuration, FST Programming, Graphics design and Startup services for the expansion project.

Semiconductor – FAB 25 Phase I Project, Austin, TX

Project included Preparation of control systems technology report and recommendation to aid clients in choosing the Facilities Management Control Systems (FMCS) platform.  Development of FMCS requirements and evaluation criteria to evaluate various systems.  Evaluated six control systems including Modicon PLC w/ Factory Link MMI, Siemens PLC & MMI, FoxBoro I/A, Tate TIS 4000, Fischer & Porter and Honey TDC 3000 and made recommendations.  Developed FMCS purchase specifications and FMCS hardware and software standards specifications.  Designed, implemented, and tested the application software.  Tate Integrated Systems’ TIS4000 DCS was selected.

Semiconductor – FAB 25 Phase II Project, Austin, TX

Project Included Facilities Management Control Systems (FMCS) Configuration, SNL Programming, Graphics design and Startup services for the FAB 25 Phase II Project.  TIS4000 DCS was used with 1200 I/O.

Semiconductor – On-line Help System, Austin, TX

Project included design and implementation of the HVAC Sequence of Operations document as a Context Sensitive On-line help system and integrated with the TIS4000 DCS graphics.  Prepared and administered FMCS training classes for the operators, supervisor and engineers.

Retail – Spartanburg, SC

Design and implemention of a Point-of-Sale and Inventory Management system for the retail industry.  The software was implemented using 4th Dimension relational database package for the Apple Macintosh.

Pulp and Paper – Franklin, VA

Start-up support – Project included Development and modification of Graphics and Control Configuration on the Bailey Infi 90 DCS for the control of Knotting, Screening and Bleaching areas of Pulp and Paper Mill.

Glass Fibers – Wilmington, NC

Automation of a Pollution Abatement system.  Project included development of detailed software functional specifications and configuration guidelines, application software design and configuration, and graphics.  Also included simulation, testing, debugging, startup and operator training.  Taylor MOD 300 DCS was used and integrated with MOD 30 Controller networks.  CCF and TCL were used for continuous and sequential control respectively.

Food and Beverage – Elkton, VA

Automation of Packaging Beer Loop 2.  Project included the Packaging Transfer PLC, an Allen Bradley 5/15 which communicated with several other 5/15’s , 5/25’s and a PCI operator interface system.  Developed functional specifications, PLC Ladder Logic software design/implementation, integration testing, owner acceptance and plant start-up.  The software included 14 pushout, CIP, and production sequences, subroutines for Alarm detection and generation, communication Drivers, Analog Input/Output Drivers, PID Control Loops and Totalizers.

Chemical – Sistersville, WV

Automation of a chemical process using a Bailey Network 90 system.   Project included PCU Loop Configuration, MCS Database configuration, Graphics design and factory acceptance tests and checkout.

Polymers – Chattanooga, TN

Automation of a melt polymer process which consisted of six melters, clear and color flake transfer systems.  The melters and the color flake systems were controlled by a Honeywell TDC3000 system.  The clear flake system was controlled by Allen-Bradley PLC 5/15 and interfaced to the Honeywell system.  Project included Software review, modification and design, Loop checkout and tuning, Startup, Operator training and documentation primarily on the Honeywell system.  Both AM/CL and MC/CL control languages were used.

Plastic – Chattanooga, TN

Automation of a Polyarylate Engineering Plastics Plant.  The batch process consisted of an automatic batching and weighing system, a polymerizer and two finishers.  The Distributed Control System consisted of a Foxboro Multistation and five Microspec units (UCM’s ).  Responsibilities included Startup, modification of existing software, design, implementation and testing of new software and training personnel.  Foxboro Process Basic (FPB) control language was also used.

Plastic – Burkville, AL

Engineering support for I/O checkout.  Fisher Provox Distributed Control System was used to provide control for Boilers, Incinerator and Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Plastic – Mt. Vernon, IN

Automation Retrofit for a plastic compounding facility which provided control for 8 resin transfer systems and monitoring of 20 blend lines.  Project included development of real-time process control software, testing, startup and operator procedure development and training.  Rexnord (EMCON D3) Distributed Control System which was interfaced to a Modicon PLC network.  SABL batch language was also used.